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Spiral Heat Exchanger

The spiral heat exchangers are compact and ideal for many HVAC and industrial applications.

Operation of the spiral heat exchanger:

The hot fluid enters at the center of the unit and flows from the inside outward. The cold fluids enter at the periphery and flows towards the center. Thus, true counter current is achieved.

Application Range of Spiral Heat Exchanger:

Minimum Max
Heat Transfer Area (m2) 5 600
Design Temperature (℃) -50 400
Design Pressure (Bar) Full Vacuum 20
Application Code ASME, KS, JIS, BS, PED, ML
Plate Material SS304, SS316L, 254SMO
Nickel Alloy, C-276 , Titanium

Typical Spiral Heat Exchanger Configurations:

Spiral Liquid-Liquid

Typical counter-current flow for both liquids.

Spiral Gas Condenser

Typical chamber on top of heat transfer bundle and gravity flow as it condenses or cools.

Spiral Heat Exchanger

Spiral Liquid Vaporizer

Typical reboiler configuration with vapour dome on top of the heat transfer bundle.

Spiral Vapour Condenser

Typical vapour condenser, usually with little or no inerts.

Spiral Top Condenser

Typical condenser without cover and is usually installed directly to column or reactor.

Common Spiral Heat Exchanger Applications Include:

1. PVC slurries
2. Particle laden/fibrous media in ethanol, textiles, pulp and paper etc.
3. Erosive slurries metal extraction and processing
4. Hydrocarbon processing
5. Viscous fluids such as heavy oils and oil extraction
6. Distillation, condensation and reboilers
7. Vegetable oil deodorizing
8. Non-Newtonian fluids
9. Sewage sludge and waste water
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